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The official site jamiroquai.com posted two interesting news that will carry.

The first concerns the relase vinyl remixes Summer Love Foolosophy: These are the tracks on the disc:

  • Side A: Love Foolosophy – Paul Rincon Remix
  • Side B: Love Foolosophy – Knee Deep Remix
  • Catalog: 8287688521

In digital there will be additional remix (Lotties Missdemeanours Vocal Remix e Raul Rincon Dub). You can order your copy of the vinyl on the store's online site.

La second news regard to some questions posed to members of the band after the concert in Denmark of 12 Agosto: Derrick, Matt and Rob talk about the summer tour has just ended, giving appointment to all fans to upcoming concerts.
Here the full story:

Derrick McKenzie, Matt
Johnson & Rob Harris took some time out to answer a few quick-fire
questions after their gig at the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark on
12/08/06…Here’s what they had to say…

Highlights from the past year of touring?

"B-Live & Lovebox. With Lovebox, it was a local gig and everyone
seemed to enjoy it  and we got to play a few new tunes!"  – Rob Harris

What do you think of the summer remixes?

"We like Tom Belton’s Comic Girl Remix, he’s done a really good remix of one of the new tracks too…" – Matt Johnson

Most memorable moment of your summer so far?

"Playing Argentina – because we hadn’t been there for five or six
years, to go back and get that sort of reception was fantastic, so for
me, that was like a really good highlight" – Derrick McKenzie

 "Russia and the Ukraine were good. We had some amazing food in
Georgia – we got taken out for some amazing meals! It’s just nice to
play somewhere you haven’t been before " –  Rob Harris

Any particular message for fans who’ve come to see Jamiroquai over the summer?

"We just want to thank everyone for coming to see us and for their
support over the years. It’ll probably be the last time we do that
particular set so we look forward to new beginings and a whole new
set!" – Matt Johnson

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