“White Knuckle Ride”, here is the new single from Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride
White Knuckle Ride

As we anticipated il nuovo album dei Jamiroquai dal titolo “Rock Dust Light Star” will be anticipated by the single " “White Knuckle Ride”, which the band released a preview of a few seconds.

According Site auspOp Jamiroquai single will be released starting tomorrow 24 Agosto 2010. I remind you that, as communicated by the official website of Jamiroquai, il singolo sarà acquistabile negli stores su vinile in edizione limitata e scaricabile da internet in formato MP3.

However, the Mega Media Site ha già iniziato la prevendita del brano in formato MP3: waiting to buy the single in your favorite record store, you can feed to your curiosity with a download at a price of € 1.01.

Nei prossimi giorni “White Knuckle Ride” will certainly in musical programs of radio. If you happen to hear the song on the radio you can report it with a comment to this news.

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