Introduction album Rock Light Star Dust

Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star
Jay Kay

Generally the publication of a new album is accompanied by a written presentation that introduces the artist, The release provides information on how it was achieved.

The Portuguese site of Universal Music has published some information (English) on the new album by Jamiroquai, Rock Dust Light Star, to be published in November. In the text there are numerous comments on the work of Jay Kay for his recording of the album; For example, says White Knuckle Ride:

The song evolved over a period of time. But words, for most, were written in 15-20 minutes. The song is a warning: be careful what you wish for.

In addition, read the titles of two other tracks that are present in the final work: I’ve Been Hurtin’ e Goodbye To My Dancer. In addition to the text are also available some pictures that will probably be used in the CD booklet.

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