Here “Smile”, Jamiroquai's new single

Smile, Jamiroquai - artwork
Smile, Jamiroquai - artwork

With a few days late, was finally published Smile, il new single Jamiroquai. The single artwork has been designed by Australian Zbigniew 'Clay’ Glue, lucky winner of competition held for the occasion. The winner was ordered personally by Jay Kay, who had to choose between more than 500 proposals!

Smile can be downloaded free from Jamiroquai's official page on Facebook or the band's official website.

What do you think?

2 Replies to “Here “Smile”, Jamiroquai's new single”

  1. The single I heard the once and pc.
    I have not had the opportunity to taste from a sound system
    Best. The first impression is that some puzzles me.
    But I hope riceedermi.
    As for the cover sorry but I do not like it
    Trivial and even incorrect grammar jamiroquiana. The two letters were combined ro. Unforgivable error.
    Anyway congratulations to the lucky winner. Can boast a lifetime of this wonderful initiative.
    Stay tuned for further comment on the individual.
    Voi che ne pensate?

  2. I'm sorry what cover you talk?
    however I have enjoyed listening to me with the headphones from my mobile phone…and the more addictive the more I listen…
    is sweet…sensual…soft…
    jay-style short!!!

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