Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Buon NataleThe 2009 was a year of waiting for all fans of Jamiroquai… but 2010 that is coming we will devote a lot of gifts, including new album and a new World Tour! Now lacks very little!

I hope you all spend a Happy Christmas and to live a serene 2010!!

Filippo (enos)

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  1. In ritardissimo I just have to send my wishes for a LOT of 2010 full of new music and not. Personally I hope for a turning point in my life? e voi?
    PS Sorry for the long absence but I restored Internet at home after two months of renovations.
    @Enos: f or multimedia for the job you know as soon as something interesting abomasum. And yet.

  2. Ciao Bavi! Here's where you been!!
    In fact, this 2010 should (and I stress should!) be an important year for me… So fingers crossed!

    Quiet, think of home and then rearrange the video! 😉

    A hug and a happy new year to you too!

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