One year sabbatical for JK?

The website published an article in which J talks about his career and hopes for a return to his music sounds the first album.
Here is a translation of the article:

The leader of Jamiroquai leave the music scene for a year, time
rediscover his creativity. Jay Kay believes the exit
upcoming “the best of” Jamiroquai as a turning point in his career: "On the first album, c’ were many solos. Probably we have abused but it was good, I was creative. I want to return to that ".
"I like the result that the greatest hits is. Ho
closed this chapter of my career at the right time and it is good ", exchange J. "I'm ready to get away and see what will – year of withdrawal, This is
my project. "What else if not wish him to come back in great shape?

Addition, the site announced that J appears on Cover newspaper Blues & Soul magazine.
Inside the magazine talks about J-related stress world of music, the paparazzi and the album Dynamite.

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