Left London the Gumball 3000

Is’ race Gumball 3000 that will see players driving luxurious supercars around Europe in a daring race and no holds barred has started yesterday! La Repubblica wrote on his website yesterday:

The convoy of supercars – am 120 – leave is taken from London today to cover more than 5000 km in less than eight days: overland to Frankfurt and transferred on cargo planes to Turkey in Istanbul. From there Lamborghini, Mercedes SLR, Bugatti (There are seven Veyron. Each costs more than a million euros…), Bentley and Ferrari of course (Several of the Enzo) Maserati will be back and forth across Greece, Albania, Slovak Republic and Germany and has served to remember that the “autobahn” the speed limit there.

The final stage is the capital, where last year gathered at the start 500 thousand people.

On website WireImage.com you can watch some pictures of Jay Kay's departure yesterday in London.

For more information on the race, I refer you to the official website of the Rally: http://www.gumball3000.com/

tnx to FRA

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