Derrick Message

Derrick, drummer, today a message has published information on its blog personale he speaks of concerts in Russia of the past few days.
Derrick seems very happy with the performances by the band held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
We carry the post below:

Hey guys we are in the ukraine today and we have a show tomorrow which
i am really looking forward to!!!!! We had fun in st peterburgh and
moscow and i would really like to thank all of the lovely people that
have been to our gigs over the past few days considering we have not
been here before the support has been fantastic. We have been here only
for few days and it has been fantastic!!!!!!!!! The bands perfomance
has been great, and we acutually played at someones wedding whilst we
were here, now that was different, but i tell you what it is one of the
best times i have had on stage for a long time, such an intimate
setting with a great crowd, sounds corny i know but it was great

take care all
speak in the week

Speaking of concerts in Russia, I invite you to look at the beautiful pictures taken by our friend Papel which are published in forum di Jamitaly.

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