Messages from the guys

Between yesterday and today Rob, Derrick and Sola have updated their blog… so you have quite a bit to read!

Sola has updated his blog describing the adventures of the band during the tour in Latin America. You can read the post on its Sola personal website.

Derrick has posted a new message on his personal blog that talks about the concert last Friday in Lisbon, and their stay in the Portuguese capital. You can read the message on the inside blog Derrick.

Finally Rob posted a message on in response to numerous comments from fans about the concert in Lisbon and, particularly, sulla set list dello show. Following are his words:

i just thought i’d send this in response to some of
the comments.the reason the set perhaps seemed short is that we were
restricted to a 1 hour 15 minute set,there were some technical problems
before we went on which shaved a few minutes off the start also.if you
go over your allotted time on festivals like this you recieve a fine
not too mention pissing off the next act….What you hear mix wise is
down to the out front mix which of course changes slightly from show to
show.On a festival we don’t always get to soundcheck so levels may be
off balance.

anyway ,i just thought i’d put in my two cents worth.

We hope to be adding some new tunes to the set for the upcoming shows also time permitting.see you at the shows


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