JK: “I hate my songs” (?)

Since yesterday successive web and print media articles about JK and its possible reversal.
Voices, fantasies or true statements? Expect confirmations and denials, for the time you give here Articles.

On the occasion of the publication of the anthology "High times” (see
news), Jason Kay (aka Jamiroquai) spoke about his career and
his artistic future. "I no longer feel the need to write and
recorded hit songs, and I've had enough of this stupid
by celebrities' lives, said the singer. "To say nothing of the
routine tour: I lost five summers of my life to be
below to my concerts, now I want to stop to do finally do
I have in mind to do ".

Kay, that with this collection of hits ended contract
with his record label, Now he wants to think only of his
future: "I'm trying to finally take my time, for
free to do the music that interests me most, without feeling ever
breathing down the necks of the record are anxious for a song
success. On the musical my next step will be completely
different from what I've done so far: I'm tired of making songs of three
and a half minutes, worrying about the target of what you expect
discograici or my fans. Also because now really can not stand the
my songs, especially those like the most of my fans ".

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Pop sucks, his above. In saying it is the same Jason
Kay, leaders Jamiroquai, the band in the '90s helped
more than all the English acid jazz movement that went back as the music
Funk and Soul topped the charts worldwide. Own
while leaving his collection of hits High Times – The Singles
1992-2006, Kay denies what has been done so far. I've had enough of this
stupid life celebrities. I wasted five years on tour, Now
I do what I want ".

Lapidary and confusing statements, strengthened after the end
of his contract with major record label Sony BMG. "I'm tired of
make hit songs from three minutes" Kay reiterated recently in
interviews, "My next step is fully Music
different from what I have done so far ". in short, after 20 discs million
sold and 170 concerts a year, in 37 years is the time to
turn the page: "When I prepared the new songs, I'm going to try a
new record and ask him: what you can do something for the

Bored and disgusted by the fame, now running a Ferrari and lives
a princely estate in Buckinghamshire, Jay Kay appears to have
nostalgia for the days when he began to get noticed as a singer.
Then it was a small dealer, road type who lived in a
occupied apartment on the outskirts of London. Years of success
punctuated by the abuse of cocaine, then the rejection. Today he says that she loves
turn with his new camper and gives more importance to the struggle for
environment, and debt cancellation for countries of the Third
World. Once again seems to confirm the old adage that
Money does not bring happiness. It remains to be seen whether an artist so far
overtly commercial as Jamir able to reinvent themselves and
published discs made especially for himself.

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