Listen to the interview by Jay Kay on BBC Radio 1

Jay Kay presenta a BBC Radio 1 Rock Dust Light Star
Jay Kay a BBC Radio 1

As announced in previous news, Jason Kay – Jamiroquai frontman – this morning attended the transmission “The Chris Moyles show” a BBC Radio 1 ed ha ufficialmente presentato il new single, White Knuckle Ride, and new album, Rock Dust Light Star.

Parlando dell’album Jay ha rivelato che sarà composto da 12 Tracks, while the version for the Japanese market will contain 13. During the interview, Jay also mentioned the name of another song that will be present in the disc, Never Gonna Be Another. A detta di Jay l’album sarà “less hard, more rock” and will feature sounds that are inspired by Rolling Stones, Roxy Music e David Bowie.

If you want you can listen to the interview with Jay Kay to BBC Radio 1 for the next 7 days. Jay is involved in transmission after about 1 time and 55 minutes after the start of the message.

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