The Return Of The Space Cowboy

The Return Of The Space Cowboy

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And 'the 1994 when he comes on earth to the space cowboy, makes its appearance with one of his songs most representative: Space Cowboy, precisely. Back from space despite a tornado of criticism that overwhelm the phenomenon Jamiroquai, including strong accusations of imitating mr.Stevie Wonder in his singing and his musical.

The second album is a stunning response to the criticism received: deviates slightly from the Acid Jazz phenomenon of solar and colorful Emergency on Planet Earth to route to an almost dark, but full of rage and mighty Funk. The first single is cited Space Cowboy collecting a roaring success, thanks to the highly successful remix of David Morales that half the world is dancing.

With the first song on the album overflows with all the magic touch of bassist Stuart Zender dancing beautifully with the black voice of Jay Kay. The notes of the second Jamiroquai are so many and with many nuances: funk sail set Just Another Story, Mr Moon,Scam; sounds hard and rocky Light Years e The Kids; psychedelic colors in Morning Glory, Journey To Arnehmland o Manifest Destiny; more velvety tones in Stillness In Time, Half The Man. It 'impossible to try to give a connotation and catalog every single piece and this is perhaps the magic of this album: undefined genre that turns trace trace, a mix of many scents that makes this' album really special.

Songs and lyrics:

  1. Just Another Story
  2. Stillness In Time
  3. Half The Man
  4. Light Years
  5. Manifest Destiny
  6. The Kids
  7. Mr Moon
  8. Scam
  9. Journey To Arnhemland
  10. Morning Glory
  11. Space Cowboy

Note: Journey To Arnhemland is an instrumental piece.