Emergency On Planet Earth

Emergency On Planet Earth

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The era of Jamiroquai rises in 1992 with the publication of the first single When you gonna learn followed the 17 May 1993 first album exciting Emergency On Planet Earth, a rain of pounds by Sony.

The English band's debut in the musical world is very exciting, thanks to the focus to jazz-funk sound in full, All reports and flavored acid jazz live by Jay Kay, Toby Smith and others. EOPE high peaks in music thanks to songs like Too Young To Die, Emergency On Planet Earth e Blow Your Mind. Success is really great: first in the United Kingdom and win a full label best band in the emerging music scene in Europe. I live around the world appear, in Japan, where the phenomenon of acid jazz is a very sensitive, and in Italy, with a historic live in Florence.

The album title is quite explicit as well as videos of individual When You Gonna Learn ol'omonima dell'album: Emergency on Planet Earth is a cry for help from the band for our planet face major problems. Beyond the strong themes is certainly important to highlight the quality of the music: than a decade has passed now, but listening eope is always innovative and revolutionary!

Songs and lyrics:

  1. When You Gonna Learn?
  2. Too Young To Die
  3. Hooked Up
  4. If I Like It I Do It
  5. Music Of The Mind
  6. Emergency On Planet Earth
  7. Whatever It Is I Just Can’t Stop
  8. Blow Your Mind
  9. Revolution 1993
  10. Didgin Out

Note: Music Of The Mind and Out Didgin are instrumentals.