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Is’ il 2005 and are now more than 10 years since a young man named Jason Cheetman, with a few pounds in his pocket but with so many musical ideas in the soul, Decides with Toby Smith of Jamiroquai with musicians of the base thickness. During these 10 èè years the band changed radically and, unfortunately, only Jason Kay has been in the band. Accompanied by new components as the guitarist Rob Harris and keyboardist Matt Johnson, the last album consists of previously unpublished: Dynamite.

Jamiroquai's latest work is characterized by sounds more rough and tough and a much more pronounced electronic; single Feel Just Like It Should it is the strongest evidence. The album does not confirm the usual expectations of sales but still quite successful resulting in the top5 of many European charts.

Dynamite is highlighted in jazz sounds – as Tallulah – been abandoned in recent years, but it is strong and sharp electronic dance pieces as Dynamite and Electric Mistress. The themes of the songs are uninspired and perhaps there is still need time to return to the field of music with new ideas, opening a new era for Jamiroquai: the band retreats to a prolonged silence – hopefully – end in 2010.

Songs and lyrics:

  1. Feels Just Like It Should
  2. Dynamite
  3. Seven Days In Sunny June
  4. Electric Mistress
  5. Starchild
  6. Love Blind
  7. Talullah
  8. (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance
  9. World That He Wants
  10. Black Devil Car
  11. Hot Tequila Brown
  12. Time Won’t Wait