Automaton - Jamiroquai
Automaton – Jamiroquai

Dopo 7 lunghi anni di silenzio discografico arriva Automaton, ottavo album registrato in studio dai Jamiroquai, pubblicato il 31 Marzo 2017.

L’album è anticipato dal singolo omonimo, pubblicato il 27 January, about which Jay Kay said in an interview “The inspiration for Automaton comes from the growth of artificial intelligence and technology in today's world and how we human beings we are beginning to forget the pleasant and simple things of life and environment, including reports that we have among us”.

Tracklist ufficiale e testi:

  1. Shake It On
  2. Automaton
  3. Cloud 9
  4. Superfresh
  5. Hot Property
  6. Something About You
  7. Summer Girl
  8. Nights Out In The Jungle
  9. Dr Buzz
  10. We Can Do It
  11. Vitamin
  12. Carla

In the video seguto Jay Kay says some of the album's tracks,it.