A Funk Odyssey


A Funk Odyssey

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The dawn of the new millennium is born A Funk Odyssey, fifth working Jamiroquai early exit of individual Little L.

Now every album I'm sure JK and company profits for Sony: Indeed AFO first debuted in many countries, well as in Italy. The brand name is always the same: harmony funkeggianti, reductions in the verses and catchy choruses. The trial's first two albums is almost absent but the market is right to JK: there is no disco in the world where you hear the clap clap Little L or the chorus of Love Foolosophy, that soundtrack is also a famous spot. A Funk Odyssey but also leaves room for elegant and romantic ballads as Corner Of The Earth o Picture Of My Life.

Do not forget the true strength of the group: i live. Live the band is always expressed at most of these years and it is the release of the DVD live in Verona where Jamiroquai shake the sand under a "rain" funk and "lightning" electronic.

Songs and lyrics:

  1. Feel So Good
  2. Little L
  3. You Give Me Something
  4. Corner of the Earth
  5. Love Foolsophy
  6. Stop Don’t Panic
  7. Black Crow
  8. Main Vein
  9. Twenty Zero One
  10. Picture of My Life / So Good to Feel Real (ghost track)
  11. Do It Like We Used To Do