Jason Kay

Jay Kay
Jay Kay

Son of art, jazz singer mother and father guitarist, Jason Cheetam born on the penultimate day of the year 1969 is a son of twins who unfortunately survived him only. Skip Children accompanying the mother, in a world of sequins, music and car seats to move profits from one theater to a concert.

La sua personalità di forma molto più dietro le quinte degli show a cui partecipa la madre che non sui banchi di scuola e sovente negli anni dell’infanzia si trova a cambiare casa e spostarsi in giro per l’Inghilterra al suono degli artisti che getteranno le basi dei suoi gusti musicali tra cui: Gill Scott Heron, Dinah Washington e Roy Ayers.

It is now 15 years since a London boy with a voice out of all the schemes and the city has put together a band became a historical, i Jamiroquai.

At first it was a bad time when he had to go it alone in the streets of London to encourage Jay to music as something more than just a hobby and meeting with Wallis Buckannan was the driving force behind the decision to gather a group of friends and form a band.

The first track When You Gonna Learn and passing it on Kiss Fm, Radio London, meant that the band was first contacted by the Acid Jazz label with which the 1993 released their first album: Emergency on Planet Earth.

The album touched some of the issues dearest to Jay, l’ambientalismo, the stupid futility of war and did it better expressing himself in a unique sound and become the pillar on which they are based almost 15 year history of the band and fans to their related. Jay's voice rang clear and compelling to the point that several thought that the lead singer of the band was a black woman coming to believe that “boy” White was just scherzado with something greater than he.

But not joking, so much so that Sony BMG offered the band a contract never seen before, where they bind ( or later it will bind Jay ) for well 8 album.

The music world was shaken, those who believed this to be “white boy” ?

Began to circulate rumors about alleged remaking Stevie Wonder, the cliché is not wasted but arrested the cyclone Jamiroquai although probably not exactly made him enthusiastic.

Nel 1994 under the guidance of manager at Stone came out with a new album The Return of the Space Cowboy el'acclamazione became global, English clubs from France via, Italy, Spain, Australia, South America and coming to Japan all wanted the Jamiroquai, everyone loved all the Jamiroquai and Jay proclaimed as the undisputed leader of the world music scene.

Even the U.S., closed its market mechanisms musical hit and run, was captured and surrendered despite the often harsh criticism of the internal and foreign policies driven by Jay, obviously was not the only one who thinks that way.

Again came the critical, the album was inspired by this drug .. “everything is green / brown uhhhhhhh and good” disliked, but Jay had never made any secret of marijuana are to appreciate in its various forms, contrary to the delight of his fans is advocating legalization in interviews that in live performances.

With the third albumTravelling without moving began to get those useless criticisms on his personal life and still are among the most popular, Since there was little to criticize musically if not a slight tendency that more dance funk (even if that criticism) the media and who was uncomfortable or not to appreciate the band threw a fish on Jay and the passion for Ferrari, women and drugs as if somehow this could diminish his talent ol'ottimo work. In fact the album was the first single and hot topics, winner of numerous awards was Virtual Insanity or anything but a veiled reference to technologies such as cloning or genetic manipulation vital point on which unlimited, combination desired that the single was released just the day that Dolly the cloned sheep was presented to the media, rarely was more prophetic song.

Over the album, was now in 1996 the band was imposed as a live performer of excellent quality and showed the true talent can be seen singing and playing live on stages around the world.

Jay was a golden age, was probably the thing I liked best in the world, gain recognition not finish and also took several personal satisfaction to fans witnessed such a laugh with the same Jay who opens one of the most popular songs of the album Function.

The next album was Synkronized released in 1999 and instead brought with it a certain amount of bitterness for some things go wrong as the exit from the band's old bassist Stuart Zender Jay writes that King for a Day but also led some of the most beautiful songs the band as Where Do We Go From Here , the mythical Soul Education , the romantic and ispiratissime Falling e Butterfly el'inimitabile Deeper Undergound which became the soundtrack to the new Godzilla movie.

Jay gave the best in all and went on to head up despite detractors, ancora una volta dimostrò che oltre ad essere un bravissimo cantante con un talento e una voce difficilmente imitabili nonostante le campionature era anche dotato di tutto il talento necessario a scrivere canzoni meravigliose in grado di emozionare dal Polo Nord a quello Sud superando barriere di classi, religions and imagined boundaries from maps.

Jay Kay
Jay Kay

The album of the new millennium was A Funk Odyssey largely inspired by the film “2001 Space Odyssey” Stanley Kubrick.

The unfortunate end of an important affair and a kind of introspective pause are the reasons songs such as carriers that bind Little L in You give me something, Corner of the Earth in Picture of my Life.

Jay fans seemed more reflective and less satisfied with the deal with Sony that good music majors were much more interested in sales than to the quality of music and trying to impose its style defined by Jay “Hits by three and a half minutes” probably asked to sacrifice what he was interested to convey through his music for the exaltation of mere commerce.

Fans began to press, si era sempre la loro musica e le canzoni erano belle e emozionanti ma il rapporto creato nelle tournè fece si che non si ingannassero sui cambiamenti avvenuti e si iniziò a guardare ai primi album come modelli perfetti di qualcosa di mai più raggiungibile nonostante le rassicurazioni plausibili da parte di Jay di voler sperimentare cose nuove.

Effettivamente la voglia di sperimentazione e di ricerca hanno sempre caratterizzato la band.

Nel 2002 The band gives the fans a wonderful concert arena in Verona which will be released on DVD Live in Verona that Sony agreed to include in the count on the famous 8 album.

Is’ il 2005 when the voice of Jay returns to head the charts along with a band in which different elements have changed but keeping faith with those sounds dance / funk is the DNA of Jamiroquai. Again Jay sends messages with songs like (Don’t) Give Hate a Chance e World That he Wants attacking in this case directly covered the administrations of those governments to participate in criminal acts committed on their own people and against the innocent civilians in almost every continent.

Dynamite also contains songs less committed but no less valuable as Feels just like it should, Dynamite e Time won’t wait and once again Jay goes around the world with his band, bringing his voice from Argentina to Japan and finally Australia declares fed up of Sony and look forward to getting rid of to say: “I will give what they want, quite a greatest hits album and then never see each other again” although in reality uses terms much more raw.

Here again what Jay says is respected and 2006 sees the light High Times Singles 1992-2006 in both CD and in DVD version in which individuals are enclosed all the best products from the band in these years of great success and where, Jay not to disprove and not disappoint the fans who undoubtedly already have the songs and buy the album just to show their support to the band, inserts two beads name Runaway e Radio which will do away with many smiles.

Jay sulla sua Ferrari Enzo
Jay on his Ferrari Enzo

Jay is finally free from Sony, libero di esprimere la SUA musica come meglio crede senza dover obbedire alle regole del mercato e nei concerti che seguono l’uscita del Gratest Hits comunica tutta la sua gioia per la ritrovata indipendenza artistica arrivando a sorridere all’ennesimo gossip sul suo probabile abbandono delle scene musicali con un sorriso storto e la frase: “It ain’t gonna happen” “not happen” and his fans could not imagine that far from the stage and microphone cheering and waiting to see what Jay will pull out of the hat this time much talked.

Surely that Jay has passed to the listener is completely transparent to address topics Some of his dependency on cocaine, wanting to stay away from the star system by declaring ” a guy who makes music” and being free from arrogance so common in those who have made an art form of his life and his work.

Who never gave credit to his work has only ever seen the hats, machines, the models and excesses, but those who wanted and was able to go further was heated emotions and intentions that can convey is that wearing a hat or ten, that runs on a Lamborghini or a bicycle and to come out with models or with the Carmelite Sisters.

Jay Kay is certainly a character and is not free from flaws and defects as much as anyone but has created a movement around him, his head and his vocal cords which now goes beyond himself and identifies with the history of Jamiroquai and that kid from nowhere penniless created magic in stadiums around the world.

credits: Verena