Derrick Mc Kenzie

Derrick Mc Kenzie
Derrick Mc Kenzie

Derrick was born 27 March 1964 A few years later began playing everything that happens at the hands including his mother-pots as he himself admits on his myspace.

Became interested in drums seriously only after a friend who was part of a reggae band, this age 10 today.

The beginning of his career accepts various jobs including work by Mark & Spencers to afford to buy his first drum kit and only after some time began playing in bands like Trazeyance and Candyland with whom he signed a contract for Fiction Records, with which he made before being replaced un'album ( should thank!).

Friend informs him that a band called Freaky Realistic, a trio that makes gerere pop-rap, is looking for a drummer and with their different performances will also go on television and on tour.

But is called by the Urban spieces which unites and even toured with them coming in places like Europe and Japan, gender is more rap-pop and is now becoming a musician full-time.

One day by chance he meets the usual “friend of the friend who has a sister who sings” and leave the phone number, two days later called and told that a certain band called Jamiroquai is doing the auditions for a drummer, in fact he had never even heard of them.

Dopo 2 lengthy hearings Jay or whoever he is aware that this is a man and a musician who should be part of the band, We are now in 1994.

It is precisely his musical influences that pass by Billy Cobhan Patrice rusher making it suitable for Jamiroquai drummer.

The first live performance in Paris beats so strong that the battery finished the concert must spray arms with Raljex.

Then he will henceforth drummer historical Jamiroquai, punctuate everything that passes by “The Return of the Space Cowboy” in “High Times singles 1992-2006”.

Among the experiences that he says have appreciated more includes having played drums for Diana Ross, the concert at Wembley Arena 1999 and visiting with the band in Buenos Aires 1997.

Between songs he loves playing live, there are: Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl e Deeper Underground.

Derrick is one of the most beloved members of the band, Live is really able to surprise and amazed, There has always been consistent with his image actually trying to never become too public a fiura, certainly the source of admiration is the fact that it took hard all these years while others have begun to lose confidence in the project and / or to occupy yourself but also that of other, people even from the stage, perceived by his smile his unlimited kindness.

Oltre ai Jamiroquai Derrick collabora con molti artisti e progetti tanto da sembrare che non stia mai fermo e questa è forse l’ennesima dimostrazione di quanto ami la musica e di quanto di sia impegnato per arrivare al livello a cui è e fare della batteria il suo mestiere.

Among the artists with whom he collaborated remember: Sophie Delille, Nude Continuum and Miriam Lamen with whom he also wrote and played some songs.

credits: Verena