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Buffalo Man, logo dei Jamiroquai
Buffalo Man

The revolution of white-funk.

One of the new verbs music in the nineties through the high-pitched voice, plastics movements and the extravagant hats Jason Kay, that of Jamiroquai is a prophet, frontman and leader.

Un groove fatto di acid jazz, new soul, R&B e dance, that made boom in England and from there it spread throughout the world, the group before making a fashion phenomenon, then one of the most original figures in the music world. The hat with horns, from the breaker Mossetto tarantolate, have the unmistakable voice of a superstar Jay Kay trendy or even beyond its real aspirations.

Jamiroquai and Jason Kay is almost the same thing.

Jason was born 30 December 1969 a Stretford, Manchester, and has the music in the DNA, visto che la madre è cantante jazz nei nightclub e nei ’70 tiene uno show in Tv. A 15 years if he goes home and lives hand to mouth, ending to make the homeless and inguaiarsi with the law for petty crimes, until a shocking series of events changed his view of things: a knife reduces dying and is arrested for a crime he never committed. Jason returns home determined to change directions and playing music: born at that moment Jamiroquai, name that combines his passion for music of a certain type (Jam) and that for Indian people (Iroquais, tribe of the Iroquois).

I Jamiroquai in una foto del 1992
The band in a photo of 1992

The first demo record at home hitting the label Acid Jazz, at the end 1992 released the single When You Gonna Learn?. The success is immediate and leads the band (Jason was surrounded by drummer Nick Van Gelder to be followed by Derrick McKenzie, keyboardist Toby Smith, Channel e il bassista Stuart Wallis Buchanan already didgeridoo) a major contract with Sony, Jamiroquai and betting on the long-term options.

The long-playing debut came in 1993 with Emergency On Planet Earth and is one of those to be remembered: # 1 Top Ten album and 2 singoli (Too Young To Die e Blow Your Mind) at the front of the chart. Their music is a healthy and enjoyable blend of funk rhythms, rock acido e soul anni 70′, great for getting around but also to reflect, since the texts of JK often embrace the environmental cause and spiritualist. Woodwinds, arches and the mighty of the didgeridoo backsound build a texture gradient innovative than the funk era, making “Emergency On Planet Earth” a debut that transcends the boundaries of the dancefloor and lays the groundwork for the myth of Jay Kay, the boy with the hat of bison that moves in a divine.

The echo of the disk is spreading across Europe, Including Italy, which must elect between Jamiroquai Late, but struggled to establish itself in America. The second full length leaves only two years after, because Jason does not want to fall into the error of getting bogged down already after the second exit. The Return Of The Space Cowboy faces shelves in musicstore 1995 and demonstrates the height of the previous, surpassed in sales in Europe and doing well in the Japanese market. From this record, ambitious and super refined production, riecheggiano grandi classici black degli anni ’70 come Sly & The Family Stone e Stevie Wonder, Jason which is increasingly being compared.

JK is a star, as naturally from the laundry of celebrity parties and spend the astronomical gains by buying auto racing: His passion are the Ferraris, so that the cover of the next disc sees the silhouette of Jason and placed into the yellow badge of Maranello.

Jamiroquai in una foto del 1996
Jamiroquai – 1996

His reputation is growing again the following year, with the release of Travelling Without Moving, third album that sells 11 million copies and was certified platinum in the U.S., thanks to a memorable video in which Jason dance between partition walls and exhibition on fire at the MTV Video Music Awards 1997, where it gets good 4 awards. His pop effort and with excellent results: single Virtual Insanity talks about the risks of bio-genetic engineering and punched through the chart, Like the next two singles, Cosmic Girl e Alright.

Jamiroquai goes his way without thinking about marketing and who advised him to change to keep pace usually responds that he does only music he likes to do. Music which incidentally made it a reality by the international pop and world tour that follows is the definitive consecration.

When working for the follow-up, bassist Zender collides hard with JK, that the hunt group, replacing it with Nick Fyffe and shall register the disc again to avoid having to pay royalties to the rioter. Before the release of Synkronized, the Goblin composing 1998 single Deeper Underground, the soundtrack of “Godzilla”, which obtained great success with the public (#1 in Uk). Il ’99 vede finalmente la release dell’ultima fatica (recorded in the new country house in Buckinghamshire), getting other 11 million units sold, but falls into anonymity with the American public. Si tratta di un disco ricco di club-groove stile ’70, infectious acid jazz, in which the texts are far less angry.

Nel 2001 is the turn of A Funk Odyssey, 10 pieces that bring to fruition the vision of “Traveling Without Moving”, and enrich the sound of latin, classic rock, club culture. The funky fusion reaches its maximum level of expression and, According to the philosophy of JK, emotion. The disc like the likes of Bootsy Collins and Gil Scott Heron and great myths black Gang Starr, Guru, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot want to work with JK and the most stubborn critics must admit that the live Jamiroquai are a great band.

An almost inevitable consequence is that Jason increasingly fills the chronicles of the tabloids for his antics: tore, attacks on journalists, drunkenness, Buying a flurry of superbolidi, plans to open a coffee shop in London…


But in the long star status may begin to weigh on him: After years of party, booze, racing car and great achievements women (including Kylie Minogue), Jay Kay seems to want to change life. Towards the end of 2002 declaring increasingly insistently wanted to leave the musicbiz, phrases (issued to Sun) Such: “I really love my fans, ma con tutto il resto della merda non riesco proprio a trattare… everything has the purpose of selling, sell, sell kids”. Actually this malaise also hides the dissatisfaction with the strategies of the Sony compared to the U.S. market, Jamiroquai has placed only where 2 of 27 million records sold. L’idea, after the end of year concert, is to retire for a while’ and calmly assess what to do. Meanwhile out a DVD of the concert recorded in Verona (Live In Verona, 14 pieces which 2 in coppia con Beverley Knight), Jason collects more money and buy other supercars (reaches 4 Ferrari), but also decides to buy a huge cottage on the Scottish coast, where to retire and, limit, affect only transforming songs from the guest in the studio.

But the lure of the stage is too strong: after several years of almost no, early 2005 JK announces comeback for the summer with a new album, Dynamite, characterized by a massive use of technology and electronics. The last effort of Jamiroquai is anticipated by the single Feels Just Like It Should, and is crowned by a long tour through Europe.

Nel 2006 is published High Times: Singles 1992-2006, with the greatest hits 16 great successes of bands 1992 and two unpublished Runaway e Radio: The collection was square in the top of the charts. With this last album ends contract with the Jamiroquai Sony.

Currently the band is in studio working on new album expected for release by mid - 2010, followed by a world tour.

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