Supersonic: the toll of nine elements

Hello everyone, place a message sent to me by the newly tribute-band "Supersonic":

I wanted to tell you that was born a new tax, located between the provinces of Modena, Reggio, Mantua and Parma, and we ask your support for initiatives involving HEAVILY-concert fans like us. Expect to be contacted by those who wish to give our" unforgettable experience, as it is for us every time we get cha on stage to "bestow" honor and respect the mythical Jamiro!

Contact me via email: michael72 @ email . it

We leave the Virtual Insanity and we all become COSMIC!

Thanks! ps: é il nostro sito embrionale!

 In bocca al lupo ai Supersonic per il loro cammino musicale appena iniziato: keep us updated with your steps!

I take this opportunity to invite all the Jamiroquai tribute band to do the same: notify us of your initiatives, many fans will be happy to support you with their enthusiasm!

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