[cover band] Upcoming concerts of Dynamite and Jamirokay

In this period of prolonged “silence” our favorites, the music of the cover band may help to rediscover the emotions of the music of Jamiroquai. If you have this desire we mark the next concerts of Dynamite and Jamirokay.

The Dynamite will perform:

– Wednesday 01/07/2009
Venue City Beach – Campogalliano (Mo)
Parco Tien An Men – hours 22.

– Friday 03/07/2009
Dacia – Gualtieri Lido Po (Re) – hours 22.

– Monday 03/08/2009
Festa de l'Unità Bosco Albergati – hours 22.

The Jamirokay play:

– Wednesday 1 July 2009
FreeMusicVillage – Nickel (TO) hours 21.

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