Lineup of the first concert of the tour 2011 Jamiroquai

As you know well yesterday with the concert Zurich started on tour 2011 Jamiroquai, which promises to be full of great news and many surprises! Beginning stage: air space, with planets that float in the air and a carpet of stars in the background.

Before the concert yesterday pm 19.45 all 20.45 played DJ Oliver Hustler who had the task of heating the large audience dell'Hallenstadion Zurich. Soon after the band took the stage that he played the following lineup:

Rock Dust Light Star, Main Only, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, Hang It Over, When You Gonna Learn, Blue Skies, Virtual Insanity/Smoke and Mirrors, Little L, Canned Heat (Samba version), Hurtin/Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Hey Floyd, Alright, White Knuckle Ride. Up: Feels Just Like It Should

The site find many photos of the evening, while on Youtube you can watch a video excerpt from the evening.

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  1. A mantua last night did not Virtyal Insanity!!!!!!!!!!! E nemmeno Feels Just Like It Should! Lineup different and even the mega cap Jamiro! Always a great but a bit of disappointment!

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