I Planet Funk apriranno il concerto dei Jamiroquai a F1 Rocks

F1 Rocks in collaboration with Live Nation annuncia oggi che i Planet Funk, one of the band's most important electronic-dance music of the last ten years, è stata confermata come opening act del concerto di Jamiroquai all’evento F1 Rocks Stadium of Brianteo Monza il 9 Settembre 2011.

Tickets for the concert are still available and you can buy them online Live Nation or through the circuit Ticketone.

Intanto sul sito di F1 Rocks potete leggere una long intervista a Jay Kay where in addition to his passion for high speed and the Ferrari, Jay devotes few words to his relationship with the rest of the band. When asked “Jamiroquai identifies a band or is the stage name of Jay Kay when he is on stage?” Jay replied:

I have no doubt a band Jamiroquai. I am part of a band, my name is on the contract, but when we make music we are a band on stage for all purposes.

You can read the entire articolo sul sito di F1 Rocks.

Those of you who attend the concert Monza? Remember to tell us about your evening!

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