News on live in Latin America.

Thursday was held in Argentina's first concert tour of Latin America Jamiroquai.

Jay comes on stage wearing a colorful poncho that
removed shortly thereafter to unveil a jersey of Argentina's national
football. Later, he also pulled the jersey with the remaining Argentina
his usual black shirt.

Seems that the tracklist of the concert was the following:

Canned Heat
Space Cowboy
Cosmic Girl
Revlution 1993
Little L
You Give Me Something
Use The Force
Black Capricorn
Love Foolosophy/Main Vein
Time Won’t Wait
(Don’t) Give
Hate A Chance
Deeper Underground

On can read a review of the evening written by journalist Argentina Agustina Sucre.
Also on Jamirotalk you will find some pictures taken during the evening and on the website a short video clip of the concert.

Jamiroquai go to Columbia.

The official website reported a news about a shift of the band to Columbia Records by Sony BMG.

Indeed, as explained in the press, the transition is only due to
one “restructuring” Sony: Columbia Records actually is part
Sony group.
Many artists have made the same passage of Jamiroquai.

We carry the text of the statement presented on the official website:

“As you might already have heard, Jamiroquai have switched to Columbia
Records as a result of the new label structuring at Sony BMG. It’s just
a business procedure and nothing to worry about because Jamiroquai will
continue to produce their unique brand of funked-up grooves for
many years to come.”