Gig in the sky: il grande giorno!

Ebbene si, oggi è il grande giorno del “Gig in the sky”, il concerto più alto di tutti i tempi. I Jamiroquai si sono esibiti oggi pomeriggio a bordo di un Boeing (appositamente modificato) davanti ad un pubblico di fortunati vincitori di un concorso indetto dalla Sony Music.
Il sito ufficiale della band ha postato alcune informazioni su com’è andato il pomeriggio della band e dei fans:

After being flown out to Munich from their respective locations, the Gig in the Sky competition winners checked in for the mystery-destination flight eager with anticipation for what the unplugged gig and afterparty might bring. The winners, and the band, are currently mid-flight, having taken off from Munich at roughly 15.00 GMT.  Of the winners, the furthest travelled has to be a group of six from Johannesburg, South Africa. Two of the group, David and Rudy, said that after leaving South Africa at 8pm on Monday night it had been a long journey but that it was well worth it! Guests were each given a free bag with their name on it and funky Jamiroquai embroidery accross the front. A collectors item already, no doubt!  As soon as the plane lands in the secret destination, will be uploading more pictures, news and the full setlist so check back soon. Upon landing, Jamiroquai will be proud holders of a World Record for the Highest Ever Gig. Safe trip Jamiroquai!

Inoltre, sempre sul, sono disponibili alcune immagini scattate all’aeroporto.
Restate in contatto, si prevedono aggiornamenti a breve!

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